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Since 2016 our company has distributed a wide variety of content to network television. Highlights have been the ABC affiliates in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, and the NBC affiliate in Philadelphia to name a few. The principals have their work featured on TNT, BET, Warner Brothers, and New Line. Feature films and a digital network will be added soon. We don't look for stars we make them!


Do you have quality content that national audiences need to see? Does it inspire and entertain? Or are you a brand manager or have a product that you would like to sell in our shows. Feel free to contact us and someone will get back to you

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Video Shoot

Here's a sample of the one hour specials we've distributed


Women On The Move

February 2020

A nationally televised (ABC and CW affiliates) quarterly one hour special celebrating the achievements of women across of variety of industries including business, entertainment, fashion, and technology. The show is inspirational and aspirational for audiences everywhere. 2020 starts Season 3

Reel Black Love

Black History Month 2017

A film that examines Black romance in movies from the perspective of iconic actors/directors/producers. Two films in one it is a cinematic celebration and films while examining the cultural impact of the respective films and industry.and the cultural impact those images have on the audiences.

Eminem AKA (Television Distribution Only)

3rd Quarter 2016

This incredible story of pain, tragedy, and triumph takes viewers on a journey behind one of the top selling hip hop artist of all time.

Featuring interviews with those that know him best:

Debbie Mathers (mother)

Mark Kempf (former manager)

Byron Williams (friend and former bodyguard)

Betty Kresin (grandmother) Todd Nelson (uncle)

See how the real 8 Mile story unfolds 

Power Of Beauty

1st Quarter 2020

Go to the behind the scenes world of the beauty industry. A multi-billion dollar annual industry that impacts the way, we see beauty around the world. Get to know the players who are changing the game!

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